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11-Year-Old Describing His Experience With Bullies On 'Warzone' Is Heartbreaking


11-Year-Old Describing His Experience With Bullies On 'Warzone' Is Heartbreaking

Call Of Duty: Warzone is one of the biggest games in the world and attracts players of all stripes. Sometimes, it shows us how a little kindness truly goes a long way to someone who is going through a tough time.


I don't think I would be exaggerating when I describe Warzone players as some of the grumpiest gamers out there. Now, if you count yourself as a Call Of Duty groupie, don't get your hackles up over that sentence. You'll only prove me right and everyone hates it when I'm right. If Infinity Ward and Raven Software introduce a new weapon into the game, it's not long before the masses vilify it because it is "broken" in some respect. Once the gun is repaired and the game is balanced again, matches become stale and samey.

When new Operators like Rambo and John McClane drop into Verdansk, they don't look like they do in the films and that's a bugbear that the players simply cannot overcome. Turning back time to a new map isn't welcome either because the developers didn't do enough to ensure the two locations were distinct. The Call Of Duty community does like to have their cake and eat it too, don't they?

Listen to the player recount their unfortunate experiences in Warzone below.



Adam_THR on Twitter shared a short clip of one of their matches in Warzone with us, and this heart-rending story from a young player has rallied the players around their problematic experiences. "So I had two really good guns from killing these people," begins the player, who is just 11 years old. "And then they [their previous teammates] were giving me grey guns, telling me that they're the best rarity, and they tell me if I don't do it, they're going to report me."

Pressured by the possibility of losing access to their account, the player agreed to swap their golden guns for grey guns and then these teammates asked for all of their cash, leaving the young player with nothing and no ability to effectively defend themselves from opponents. What a rotten thing to do to someone just because they're younger than you. Arguably, the kid is playing a game that's rated PEGI 18 in the United Kingdom, but there's no excuse for treating a teammate with this degree of contempt.


"While my other random teammates told him to shut up I thought I'd be nice and teach him how to play since I remember being an 11 year old playing Halo 3 and it made my day when older ppl were nice to me," said Adam_THR on Reddit. "He was so happy someone talked to him. He beatboxed for me, did a Russian impression, told me how Assassin's Creed is his favorite game series then he told me I'm the first person who wasn't mean to him."

Fortunately, there are players like Adam_THR who are willing to go out on a limb to make sure everyone has a good time playing the game they both love. "It made me chuckle when he randomly went 'wanna hear me beatbox' and before I could even get a word in he was destroying the mic lmao," they added.

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